Corporate Social Responsibility

In Acipack we are committed to working in favor of our stakeholders to maximize value creation and social development in our community; always taking care of the environment in a responsible and ethical way.

Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Environment: Mitigate the impact that our activity causes to the environment.

  • • Promote the recycling of plastic
  • • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • • Responsible waste management
  • • Promote environmentally friendly solutions in our industry

Social: Seek the development of our stakeholders.

  • • Seek the well-being of our employees and stakeholders
  • • Achieve integration with the community seeking common interests for mutual benefit
  • • Seek the inclusion of people in situations of vulnerability or with a disability

Economic: Maximize the creation of value in a responsible and ethical way for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

  • • Reduce waste in our processes and form a lean company that increases productivity
  • • Work with transparency and against corruption
  • • Increase the creation of value in our products and services for customers

Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Civil society organizations we support