Custom designs

Do you need a container for your product? If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, our specialists can help you design the perfect plastic container for your needs. You just need an idea and we will help you develop it so that, with our cutting-edge technology, you have a container and a cap that meets your requirements in the shortest possible time.

We offer different payment methods, competitive prices and the minimum production quantity requirement is very flexible.

Sustainable products

Although PET is 100% recyclable, if you want to have other sustainable options, we can offer you a solution. We have recycled material suitable for contact with food, additives that make the container a biodegradable one without altering your product and we also have bio plastics, which are plastics made of plants or other biological materials instead of oil.

Deliveries in the USA

We have logistics business partners in the United States to store and transport our products directly to your door.

Personalized attention and technical support

In Acipack we want to be a strategic ally for the achievement of your goals so we offer you a personalized service to meet your needs. We have a experienced team who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and whose number 1 priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

Other services

We have a wide range of suppliers with whom we can offer labeling, specialty inks, screen printing and other complementary services; Do not hesitate to ask us, there is a solution for everything!